About Us

Resources, Education, and Support

Moms in Bloom was formed to fill a need in Solano County by giving support to expectant families and families with small children. We felt that there was not enough early parenting education for expectant parents and definitely not enough early postpartum and breastfeeding support. So we decided it was time to do something about it and get something started.

We formed in February of 2007, incorporated in March of 2007, and received our IRS determination letter in May of 2008. We are busy organizing our 2nd annual fundraising event and hope to raise enough money to open a local pregnancy and early parenting resource center in 2009.

Moms in Bloom’s Board of Directors

Shaana Keller, President

Shaana is a mother of two, a Labor Doula, a midwife’s assistant, a childbirth educator and has been working with local moms and families since 2003. You can contact Shaana at [email protected]

Tamara Damian, Vice President

Tamara has a degree in Liberal Studies and worked as a Human Resources administrator for many years. She has been married for 9 years and is the stay at home mother of two beautiful children. You can contact Tamara at [email protected]

Kelly King

Kelly holds two BA degrees and her Masters degree in Instructional Technology from Chico State University. She is the proud mother of one handsome little man.

Mindy Aagaard, Secretary

Mindy is a proud mother of two and holds a Bachelors degree from UC Santa Barbara. She is married to a local policeman and is a member of the Disaster Emergency Response team for her area. You can contact Mindy at [email protected]

Claudette Coughenour, Treasurer

Claudette, a mother of five, is a certified professional midwife in Northern California. She is Lamaze certified and attends many local homebirths. You can contact Claudette at [email protected]

Zahra Al- Zanbai

Zahra holds a degree in International Corporate Communications from Paris, France, is a labor doula and newly practicing midwife’s assistant. She has traveled to over 20 countries and speaks English, Arabic, and French. Zahra is the mother of one and is dedicated to her family.

Megan Richards

Heather Peirini